House of Greco

Practical Elegance
19th Century Style

Est. 2015
in the magical redwoods of Felton, CA


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House of Greco was conceived in 2015 and built from the ground up in Felton, CA. The product lines are for everyday use and enjoyment, with a deep influence from 19th century Europe, California, and ancient Egypt. Living practically in great health is the key to a great existence, so the long term goal here is to be an influence towards increased health through the reduction of toxic products that poison us and make so much waste at the same time.

Browse over 1300 items, and buy for your own use or for your retail store! For that old-school cherished customer service, you can place your order by phone. Online ordering is coming soon but you may browse all of the items at any time. All orders within Santa Cruz county are delivered by hand!

In addition to eye-catching, sumptuously gorgeous products, the website itself is a special treat. Each and every webpage is lovingly designed for eye comfort. And without giving too much away, each product line is housed inside a virtual place, creatively coded for three years by one local surfer just for you. Enjoy!

Arabesque by Debussy, performed by Anna Greco