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Old Mercedes Delivery

If you live or work in Santa Cruz County, House of Greco is available to make deliveries straight to you by 1984 Mercedes Benz, at the location of your choice, by car and by foot.

Location Types

  • Your home or work address
  • Inside the Fremont Tree
  • Outside the Giant Dipper
  • By the Octopus water fountain
  • The Mystery Spot
  • By the bronze surfer on West Cliff
  • The zipline platform at Mount Hermon
  • Lighthouse Field State Beach
  • The Hook
  • Jack's
  • Pleasure Point


Felton & Mount Hermon

~ Free for orders $50 & up

~ $10 for orders under $50

The Rest of Santa Cruz County

~ $30 per hour

Updated September 10th, 2020