Please excuse the dust as the website comes together!

Anna's Music update:
- The studio is now twice as big and there is a new piano in the family! This 1915 Steinway concert grand is amazing - I'll be able to start turning out the recordings - pictures coming!

Joe's General Goods update:
- The products are in - approximately 1000 individual items, and are just beautiful. We have bead weaving & fringe supplies, gorgeous journals and tablet cases, chocolates, caramels, custom tools and more. In development are old-fashioned ledgers for folks who like to handwrite.
- Navigation, pages, product photos, and the shopping cart are all being worked on. I invite you to call anytime to hear about the progress. I am very excited that it's coming together with an old-fashioned, chilled out vibe, and I should say that it will not look like anything else. Customers will have different ways to order as well as be able to morph around in time (change themes) to enjoy different shopping experiences if they so desire. The whole site is being coded with the least amount of characters in order to deliver a very fast loading time, as well as responsiveness to different devices.

Local Services update:
- Voice Coaching for opera and art song classical singers is available - please call Anna at (831) 335-8364 for a free consultation or to book an appointment.
- Jill of Some Trades services are now available - Anna does light finishes and painting for small projects to stay moving while she's away from the piano. Portfolio coming soon.....

Updated 10/6/2018
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