House of Greco has moved to Capitola! Come by and shop at the new location M-F 10-2 or call to make an appointment to stop by outside of regular hours. The new phone number for customer service is (831) 475-1811. An open house is in the works. Call to sign up for the open house or check back here for an announcement.

House of Greco

Your 19th Century General Store


House of Greco was formed in Felton, California in 2015 with the vision to make 19th century style products relevant to our current times.

Anna Greco, Owner/Operator:

Anna has traveled and lived around the world and has a passion for living simply by preserving historical traditions. She owes much of the inspiration of this business to her lifelong classical performance background, historical fiction films and her Italian/European roots, as well as a love of Egyptian antiquities passed down through her grandfather.

Anna is a native of Almaden Valley, San Jose and is now living out her dream of living in Santa Cruz County and being a surfer and a musician. After working at two degrees away at university (construction management and piano performance), Anna worked in the classical music industry for 15 years as a professional pianist, singer, director and producer. She also got into e-commerce in the 2000s and has returned to it with a larger product line than before. She formed several product lines within the company, the newest being a surf accessory line.

Anna lived away from California during university years and her first music career on the East Coast. She returned home to California in 2014 and spent some dedicated time recovering from an unfortunate surgical mistake that had left her near death. She found a way back to the living through cutting out chemicals in her diet and products, exercising and having an amazing support team. It was through this journey and discovery that Anna found the 19th century to be not only her existing passion in music and in the products they used back then, she also found that surrounding herself with incandescent lights instead of LEDs, glass instead of plastic, homeopathics instead of Western Medicine, and more - her health increased from about 10% function to almost 100% function. Because of these findings, Anna is keen to share these products with anyone who may be going through similar situations. She has already witnessed her customers having amazing results through homeopathy.

Anna's vision is to see this shop grow into something that takes care of our community while enriching people's lives through the 19th century style. How often have you felt right at home in places such as Harry Potter world or Disneyland? Or felt that way watching Lord of the Rings or Downton Abbey? There is truth in that what makes you feel comfortable can turn out to be the very thing that will heal you. Comfort means "with strength".

Would you like to be part of something amazing? Please get in touch if you would like to be a part owner/operator.

The Mission:

- Old-school customer service. Your name matters and you are my guest here. My goal is to see what your needs are and serve them the best that I can. I want to put back the "custom" in customer service in an age where we are almost never treated as customers!
- To inspire a lifestyle that cherishes kindness, respect, function, beauty, quality and durability.
- To provide products that help us slow down, focus and keep our minds and bodies sharp.
- To use natural materials and color palettes as much as possible in every product and in the packaging.
- To provide a place where people with allergies and sensitivities have a place to shop. I have curated products that are nearly to completely void of harsh components and ingredients. My focus is always at reducing the footprint of single-use plastics, artificial fragrances, eye-injuring LEDs and toxic chemicals. We don't need to be injured and poisoned by our everyday products, period.
- To provide an online shopping experience that is easy on the eyes, enjoyable and unique.

To all my customers - Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at House of Greco!

Anna Greco
Owner / Musician