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Hello and welcome to House of Greco. I'm so glad you came for a visit and I look forward to sharing with you the realization of about 10 years of vision and hard work.

A little about me - I've been in business as a musician since 1999, providing concert piano, piano accompanying and voice coaching services, primarily along on the east coast and in Europe. Eventually I became homesick for the weather and beautiful nature of the redwoods and coastal areas here, so in 2014 I returned to the area in which I grew up. Being from San Jose, I tried living in the general Silicon Valley area and also down in Hollywood, then fell in love with the Santa Cruz Mountains and settled into laid-back Felton. The name House of Greco was established in 2015 to encompass the additions of products. I also ran a niche market business called Gold Onyx Bead Weaving Supplies in the early 2000s.

Back in the 90s, I went to John Brown University and loved every minute of it. I came out with two degrees - piano performance and construction management. I lived an entire summer in Greece in between semesters and it is still one of the best experiences of my life - the picture above shows one of my escapades.

I'm first and foremost a pianist, and plan to spend most of my playing time in the recording studio in the very near future. My most accomplished and favorite style is the romantic classical period. I've also studied classical singing for years, just after singing grunge music for a long time, as well as choral music. It's a bizarre set of experiences but I love all of it. I also enjoy singing big band jazz and hope to get some recordings going of that.

About the business - It's hard to simplify all the inspiration that has gone into this venture. Nature, people, history, local traditions and my European background all make it up. I'm so inspired by the beautiful redwoods, mountains, steam trains, oceans, vast trails, the surf and skate culture that I grew up around, including the boardwalk, the shops and the restaurants. Then there is the European influence throughout my family - the museum-like family houses, spending whole days together eating and relaxing with family, British etiquette, horses, and so much more. Not to mention period films and adventure stories of all kinds.

Yes, let's actually mention period films and adventure stories for a moment - Have you ever watched a period movie and wondered what it would be like to buy an item from that time period and use it? I'm not talking about collectibles, I'm talking about everyday items that we use over and over. What are they? Where did they come from and how were they made? Everything you can find here is on the small side and I've tried to imagine each product in one of those time periods or films. I also put a lot of importance on items having more than one use. I have only scratched the surface, so with time and your interest and support, this will grow and grow. I hope to serve your daily needs, so do give me a call if you ever want to chat about a new product.

My hobbies include spending my time with my amazing community of friends and family, eating good food, walking, horse vaulting, european martial artes, and learning how to charm woodland creatures. I also like to rewrite songs into silly versions (I grew up with Weird Al) - ask me about my Sectional Seating song. I love God and try to be like Him as much as I can.

My goals are to play the A Minor Piano Concerto by Grieg with orchestra, relearn surfing, find a good robot dancing instructor, and ride a horse with a sword in one hand in a movie.

I like fresh socks and I cannot lie.

Company Mission:

  • Excellent customer service and a relaxing shopping experience
  • To inspire a lifestyle that cherishes kindness, respect, function, beauty, quality and durability
  • To provide products that help us slow down, focus and keep our minds and bodies sharp
  • To use natural materials and color palettes as much as possible. There is mostly a Victorian influence here, but you find a sprinkling of Egyptian and some other influences too.

Many influences have come from relatives, previous time periods, fantasy stories, and some of the most fascinating elements of our modern time. This website and business is dedicated to several of my family members for their contribution to my imagination and ambition.

My thanks are to:

  • My mother - For developing creativity in me and supporting me in the arts. I so love to dance. And for teaching me how to make the most awesome gingerbread in the world.
  • My father - For my mechanical and mathematical mind. For taking me to church.
  • My sister - For always encouraging me to write awesome electronica music and making me excited about everything ancient Egyptian.
  • Grandpa Bob - For inspiring us in the first place with all of your conversations about ancient Egypt and for passing your books along to us.
  • Grandma Florence - For having the most awesome museum-like houses and for passing down your love of playing beautiful arpeggiated piano music. And for giving me your beautiful piano, the one I learned chopsticks on.
  • Grandma G.G. - For all the times at your lovely tudor house, especially at Christmas time - it was magical. And for always making your homemade applesauce and oatmeal raisin cookies.
  • Grandma Mary - For keeping the pasta flowing every Saturday. And the Looney Tunes.
  • Grandpa Joe - My second generation Italian cuddlebug, you always made me think of Italy in the old days, with your calm and relaxed demeanor - I miss sitting on your lap while you and grandma laughed and made faces at each other. I miss you the most.
  • My son, Joseph, named after your grandpa Joe - You two would have liked each other - thank you for the smile on your face.
  • To all my old and new friends and my amazing support network - Thank you for your love, encouragement, support, collaboration, and inspiration. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

To all my customers - Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at House of Greco.

Anna Greco
Owner / Musician

Updated May 10, 2019