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Practical Elegance, 19th Century Style
Practical Elegance
19th Century Style


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Concert pianist Anna Greco has been on a journey discovering the context of her favorite classical music period, the 19th century, also called the Romantic era. She didn't know that what she would find would be so genuine and practical, so she just had to share it. Anna is pleased to present a new kind of business that doesn't just provide music services, but gives each person a chance to find a connection to this century and apply it to current times and everyday living.

After her childhood in Almaden Valley and Los Gatos, Anna attended John Brown University, attaining degrees in piano performance and building construction. After university, Anna worked for 15 years as a professional pianist, singer, voice coach and director in the Boston area. Eventually she became homesick and moved back to California and settled in the Santa Cruz area. Always wanting to be a surfer, she started learning and loved it so much that it is her favorite sport and regular workout.

Here is a bit about each facet of the business and how it came about.

Concert Piano Music

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General Store

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Conservatory of the Arts

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Going Online

In October 2023, House of Greco's retail store took on water damage and we had to move out suddenly. The website was already in development so Anna decided to finish it and to offer ordering online. Already a seasoned website designer and a successful online seller in the 2000s, she is now offering a unique website in the style of the 19th century. Anna has clocked several thousand hours building a website that is not only beautiful in style but highly functioning and relaxing to the eyes.

Supporting House of Greco

If you appreciate the work that House of Greco is doing and would like to see it continue, please consider a donation. Anna has been running her business since 1999, first as a musician, and now with retail added. In recent years it has weathered many challenges - including the pandemic shut down of the music industry, the CZU wildfire, water damage in Capitola at the retail store, and some medical struggles that nearly took her life. Anna is healthy today and the business is once again stabilized and open for customers and clients, but it will be recuperating for some time.

Your support in the following areas is much appreciated and helps keep House of Greco afloat. Anna loves her work and wishes to always be available to enrich people's lives. Below are some of areas where your donation helps:

  • Current transition out of the retail space
  • Regular operations and putting food on the table
  • Website design
  • Anna's preparation time at the piano
  • Restocking inventory
  • Advertising
  • Admin help

A vision for a future location is in the works. If you'd like to hear about the vision and invest in it, we are seeking support. It promises to be an amazing, local place for people to shop, eat, relax, and have ongoing experiences that keep our community stable and happy - in person!

Are you a local interested in working here? We are looking for like-minded people to join us!

If you are interested in investment or working here, please call with your lovely voice or write a handwritten letter. You are special and that's what we'd like to see!

Best Regards, ~ Anna, owner

Updated May 9th, 2024
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