House of Greco

Your 19th Century General Store


House of Greco was formed in 2015 with the vision to provide new products that take us back to older, simpler times.

The Mission:

- Old-school, excellent customer service. Your name matters and you can sit back and relax.
- To inspire a lifestyle that cherishes kindness, respect, function, beauty, quality and durability.
- To provide products that help us slow down, focus and keep our minds and bodies sharp.
- To use natural materials and color palettes as much as possible in every product and in the packaging.
- To provide an online shopping experience that is easy on the eyes, enjoyable and unique.

Anna Greco, Owner/Operator:

Anna is a native of Almaden Valley, San Jose and is now living out her dream of living in Santa Cruz County and learning how to surf when she is not working or playing the piano.

Anna has traveled and lived around the world and has a passion for historical living and architecture from earlier periods. She owes much of the inspiration of this business to her lifelong classical performance background, historical fiction films and her Italian/European roots, as well as a love of Egyptian antiquities passed down through her grandfather.

Playing piano is at Anna's core and singing is a close second. She has performed around the United States and Europe. Her official music website is coming soon.

Anna is a people person and likes to be supportive of her community around her.

To all my customers - Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at House of Greco!

Anna Greco
Owner / Musician